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Consulting in early childhood and childrens services
learning happens - consulting in early childhood and children's services...
Learning Happens

How can we support you?

We are passionate about supporting and inspiring Educators to branch out and reflect on their practices when caring for and educating young children.

We can come to you to give you and your team an opportunity to reflect on and cultivate your knowledge and practices. We offer support, resource tools and training that is individualised to meet your needs.

We are flexible with options to work alongside Educators as an active part of their team. This could be attending programming time with staff, being part of the room environment, building competence through coaching and continued support.

We recognise that workshops alone may not be the only and most productive way to implement your vision for your service and that follow up is important for consolidation and review.

Our commitment with you extends beyond the session we facilitate. We are available free of charge in the month following your session as part of a plan of action for Educators.


current projects

We are currently working on the following projects with clients:

  • management and curriculum support across the Education and care profession.
  • redeveloping outdoor atelier with educating team and children
  • working with educators and children to design and establish an environment with a natural flow from indoors to outdoors.
  • embedding Education for Sustainability into curriculum and delivering EfS workshops. 
  • holistic service review and team reflection with a quality improvement focus.
  • delivering professional development as part of Seedlings Pilot Program- see pilot at www.facebook.com/seedlingsEYEFS 

learning happens... by unearthing the motivation to grow.